tire hazard protection

    Tire Hazard Protection

    A) Owner Information

    B) Vehicle Information

    C) Tire Information

    D) Lienholder Information

    E) Guarantee Information

    Speciality Vehicles have an additional $50.00 Surchage! (Details bellow*)

    F) Charges

    G) Customer Purchase and Acceptance

    The Buyer agrees to purchase this guarantee for the repair or replacement of the tires in the event of damage due to a Road Hazard. This guarantee does not provide any warranty to the tire due to any defect or workmanship, which are the primary obligation of the manufacturer of the vehicle and/or the tires. This guarantee is not a contract of insurance. This guarantee does not provide bodily injury and property damage liabilities or any other coverage not listed in this guarantee.

    I have elected the guarantee selected above. I have retained a copy of this road worthy and are Registration Certificate and agree to its terms and conditions. I agree to follow manufacturer's recommendations for proper inflation, balance, alignment and rotation. I understand that no changes to the guarantee or term can be made after the acceptance of this Agreement. I authorize the Dealer to use information about me to administer, process and adjudicate claims under this guarantee, including maintenance records of the vehicle.

    The Dealer certifies that the tires on this vehicle are eligible for this guarantee. This Agreement has been reviewed with the purchaser; the information provided is correct and the purchaser has been given a copy of this Registration Certificate./p>

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