Check Your Vehicle Status


Moncton Honda is proud to introduce our real-time appointment and Vehicle Service Tracking System, designed to enhance your service experience. This new system offers you, our customer, the opportunity to follow the progress of your vehicle as it proceeds through our service facility. You have the option of searching our entire shop activity log to find your vehicle or simply use our express-search feature to view the current status of your specific vehicle in the shop. Once you’ve called up your vehicle you can observe its current status as being "In Queue", "In Shop" or "See Cashier", allowing you to stay updated whenever it is convenient for you.

You can also view the promised completion time beside the current status, which will show as "Revised" if your vehicle’s expected time of delivery has been changed, or as remaining on schedule. Please note that "In Shop" Status can be delayed based on system criteria and programming limitations; therefore there is no need for concern regarding your vehicle’s promised time unless you see the "Revised" warning next to the Vehicle Status.
We are very excited to be able to offer this innovative new feature and we hope you find it a valuable tool to make your vehicle servicing more convenient and pleasurable.