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    Tire Hazard Protection

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    Speciality Vehicles have an additional $50.00 Surchage! (Details bellow*)

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    The Buyer agrees to purchase this guarantee for the repair or replacement of the tires in the event of damage due to a Road Hazard. This guarantee does not provide any warranty to the tire due to any defect or workmanship, which are the primary obligation of the manufacturer of the vehicle and/or the tires. This guarantee is not a contract of insurance. This guarantee does not provide bodily injury and property damage liabilities or any other coverage not listed in this guarantee.

    I have elected the guarantee selected above. I have retained a copy of this road worthy and are Registration Certificate and agree to its terms and conditions. I agree to follow manufacturer's recommendations for proper inflation, balance, alignment and rotation. I understand that no changes to the guarantee or term can be made after the acceptance of this Agreement. I authorize the Dealer to use information about me to administer, process and adjudicate claims under this guarantee, including maintenance records of the vehicle.

    The Dealer certifies that the tires on this vehicle are eligible for this guarantee. This Agreement has been reviewed with the purchaser; the information provided is correct and the purchaser has been given a copy of this Registration Certificate./p>

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    • Premium Tire Protection (PTP) guarantees that if a road hazard causes damage to one or more of the vehicle's tires (punctured and no longer able to hold air pressure), PTP will:
      Reimburse the Purchaser for the cost of repair (maximum $40 per occurrence) or replace the damaged tire with a comparable tire, if not repairable. Tire replacements will be done under a pro-rated replacement formula whereby the only customer charge will be proportionate to the tire wear already taken place on the damaged tire. (Please see "How to Make a Claim" for pro rating calculation Details.)
    • Reimburse you for towing to Moncton Honda (up to a maximum of $50.00 per occurrence, limit of four occurrences per guarantee) if related to a claim covered under this guarantee.
      All maximum amounts are inclusive of taxes.

    Any repair, installation, mounting, balancing must be performed at Moncton Honda or have prior approval during regular business hours. Costs incurred as a result of repair, installation, mounting, balancing, up to the stated maximums inclusive of taxes, will be covered by the Dealer or reimbursed to the Purchaser. Damage resulting in scrapes, scratches, chips or other cosmetic damage is not covered under this guarantee.



    Moncton Honda's Premium Tire Protection (PTP)'s total liability during the entire guarantee shall not exceed $2,000.00.


      • Guarantee period is as indicated on the front of this document and applies only to the tires listed. Tire damage covered by the original tire or vehicle manufacturer is not covered under this guarantee.
      • Damage caused by normal wear, off-road use, or use of substandard/detrimental road surfaces, negligence, high speed spin out, vandalism, fire, auto accident, curb impact, overloading, improper inflation, misapplication, chain damage, manufacturers defects, tread separation, appearance alteration, impact with any object not defined as a road hazard, theft, chemical contamination, neglect or abuse (including continued operation on flat tires) is not covered by this guarantee.
      • Any accident caused by tire blow out or other tire condition is not the responsibility of this guarantee and is excluded. Please read your owner's manual and the information on the sidewall of your tires for essential safety and maintenance information.
      • PTP does not assume any liability other than to repair or replace the damaged tire. This guarantee does not cover factory seconds, blemishes or flaws.
      • Commercial vehicles or vehicles with a GVW of 13, 500 lbs. or more.
      • This guarantee does not cover loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle, and any other incidental or consequential damages to your vehicle, to you, or to third parties.
      • All Tire repairs or replacement must be completed at Moncton Honda or at the sole discretion of the Dealer. When extreme distance challenges warrant purchaser requests for prior approval to affect repairs or replacement at a third party repair facility, procedures as per "How to Make a Claim" herein must be strictly adhered to in order to seek claim reimbursement.


    Specialty vehicles are those automobiles defined as vehicles using "Z" rated or higher tires, run-flat tires, or tires greater than twenty inches (20").


    There is no cancellation provision with this agreement, as coverage is initiated at vehicle delivery. There is no refund, cancellation or cash surrender value written or implied with this guarantee.


    This Tire Guarantee is valid for the original owner of the vehicle, as it appears on the front and is not transferable to any subsequent owners or ownership transfers.


    Return the vehicle with the damaged tire to Moncton Honda for repair or replacement. "Coverage on replacement tires is "pro-rated", meaning remaining Tire Tread Depth Measurements must be taken on the damaged Tire/s, compared to the corresponding original Tread Depth based on Manufacturer's Specifications. The percentage equivalent to the remaining Tire/s tread wear will dictate the percentage of the replacement tire costs covered by the PTP Program.

    The damaged tire does not have to be on the vehicle at that time but the vehicle must accompany the tire for adjudication and claims approval process. Emergency Repairs involving tire repair or replacement are at the sole discretion of PTP and must have prior approval (1-888-HONDANB) or mhonda@monctonhonda.com by an authorized Moncton Honda Representative. A completed estimate (including purchaser's signature) and photos are required to adjudicate all replacement claims. Claims not pre-authorized will not be eligible for reimbursement. All repair orders, documentation and receipts must be received within 90 days of tire repair or replacement, by the administrator before payment will be made. PTP reserves the right to inspect the tire prior to final claim approval.

    I understand that information about me pertaining to this claim may be reviewed by PTP in administering, processing or adjudicating claims by me or on my behalf.